Content Marketing Brands Your Organization With Thought Leadership

When an organization wants to create brand awareness to stay top of mind with customers and clients, they often promote their services, jobs and expertise through content marketing.

After all, as the saying goes, content is king. But our clients have the added benefit of access to’s quality content marketing platforms, which can help you promote your organization’s reputation in separate, yet complementary, formats.

We offer two high-performing, lauded avenues to reach millions of nurses across the country – our award-winning blog and digital editions.

Share your message on the ultimate nursing blog

Today, there are more than 1 billion websites and hundreds of millions of active blogs, according to recent figures.

To ensure your information stands out online, it’s a good idea to align yourself with partners with solid track records on the internet.

Did you know our blog gets more than 2 million pageviews per year? In fact, it remains a trusted source for nursing-related content, such as trending topics, specialty news and thought leadership blogs.


#1: One reason is our record for providing accurate, well-researched articles on topics nurses care about and can apply to their practice.

#2: Another reason is because we feature multiple nurse thought leaders who share their expertise on topics from building your nursing career to growing your leadership skills to legal matters and education updates.

These are topics nurses care and are concerned about that help them grow professionally. Our content teaches and updates nurses about their industry and how to improve patient care.

“Nurses are lifelong learners who want news sources that know what nurse need to know before they do,” said Robert Hess, PhD, RN, FAAN, who regularly blogs for on career-related topics. “The blog is a resource worthy of bookmarking. Nurses can rely on it to bring topics to the forefront that they’re concerned about because it’s run by a team who knows nurses and nursing.”

#3: A third reason is our blog is recognized by outside parties for its quality content. just received a 2018 Hermes Gold Award for Blog (overall), which is an international award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals that recognizes the quality of our blog content.

On our blog you will find in-depth articles, trending news and nurse-written blogs updated weekly. Our consistent posting schedule makes us a reliable resource for nurses to discover the nursing information they need.

All our blog content is shared on social media — reaching more than 500,000 Facebook followers and more than 53,000 on Twitter. Content also is shared with nurses via our weekly e-newsletter.

You can take advantage of this visibility and solid reputation for quality content by sponsoring established content or creating your own nursing-related content — with our help, of course!

Cutting-edge digital editions – first ever for nurses!

Our library of digital editions, which made their debut in 2017, is growing along with its audience. Just like our legendary print magazines, the content is precisely planned and executed with nurses in mind.content marketing

That same quality print content we used to provide still exists in our digital editions.

We take it a step further and make each page of our digital editions a resource for nurses, with third-party and internal links to even more sources. We also update each edition annually with more content and current facts, so nurses can reference them well into the future. Also included are slide shares, videos and audio clips.

We ensure each topic explored in a digital edition is analyzed from different angles. For instance, the popular “How to Navigate Nursing Ethics” digital edition addressed:

  • The importance of following the nursing Code of Ethics
  • How nursing ethics teams are important to patient care
  • Why nurses must be supported to practice ethically
  • How certain patient groups, such as terminally ill children, can create ethical dilemmas that can cause nurses’ moral distress (nurses need support too in these tough moments!)

“The digital editions allow us to zero in on specific specialties like med-surg or emergency room, or popular topics like ethics or workplace violence, and really explore them thoroughly,” said Heather Cygan, senior director of content and creative strategy for recruitment and advertising solutions at by OnCourse Learning. “Our digital editions serve as an e-magazine that nurses can reference for years to come and is the only interactive digital edition for nurses on the market.”

Unlike print magazines — which may be discarded after a month or two and have an unknown ROI — our digital editions are always just a click away on any device. With nearly 1 million pageviews per year, our growing digital edition library has become a go-to resource for nurses nationwide. Added bonus: The digital editions are only in their second year and already have been recognized with three third-party excellence awards!

How can you be included in our digital editions? You can gain brand awareness for your organization with our nurse readers by placing a digital advertisement, sponsoring an article or sponsoring an educational engagement opportunity.

How our blog and digital edition content marketing works together

A benefit to advertising in the blog and digital editions is they are cross-promoted and speak to the same audience. Each forum complements the content in the other, with hyperlinks on each digital edition page or blog article that link to the other content platform.

You have choices when it comes to creating sponsored content campaigns. You can sponsor:

  1. Existing content that we have already created
  2. Create a new piece of content – with our help, of course
  3. Create a series of content on our blog or digital editions (we will guide you through every step of the way)
  4. Or go even bigger by sponsoring an educational engagement opportunity

Together, our blog and digital editions cover nurses of every age. Our blog tends to appeal to a younger nursing audience, with more than 70% of regular visitors age 44 or younger. The digital editions are more popular with older nurses with more than 64% of the audience age 45 or older.

Both content platforms are strategically optimized with keywords to increase organic traffic. This means our content is trusted by Google search engines.

Our organic traffic continues to grow each year. So far in 2018 our organic traffic to the blog has grown 7% and 93% to our digital editions in the last six months of 2017. That’s impressive reach!

Pageviews continue to grow with our boost in organic traffic and when readers share our content with their friends and colleagues, who in turn share it with their friends and colleagues, the results are tremendous.

Also of note, our blog and digital edition content has lasting power. Each article has a long shelf life, months and even years, after initial publication, as nurses search for information while doing research, continuing their education and growing their careers.

So next time you’re forging a plan for content marketing, consider for all your content marketing needs. We will grow your brand and position you as a key player in healthcare.