5 Reasons Niche Job Boards Give You Quality Instead of Quantity

Niche job boards remain an important part of your nurse recruitment strategy.

They are not the giants of the job board industry, but that’s actually a good thing that works in your favor. Let me explain.

As large job boards such as Indeed compete to display millions of jobs to millions of job seekers, niche job boards — such as our Nurse.com job board — help you reach a more segmented audience. You can target our nursing audience by skillset, location, licensure and more.

Quality of potential job applicants is more important than quantity of job seekers. You should use a niche job board to reach a hyper-targeted audience instead of blasting your job to millions of job seekers, only a few of whom are nurses or located near your facility.

The hyper-targeted nursing audience you reach is more likely to be interested in, apply for and accept offers to your open nursing jobs. This works in your favor if you are trying to hire highly skilled staff for specific positions. And if that wasn’t enough reason to post positions on these quality sites, here are five reasons why niche job boards are the way to go.

#1: Small boards understand your market on an intricate level

Niche job boards are familiar with particular specialties, job titles, certifications and keywords your desired audience uses and requires. They understand and stay up to date on the hiring trends for their niche profession. For example, if a large organization is laying off workers, a niche job board can help you target that specific market.

#2: Niche job boards offer tried-and-true results

Are you getting lots of resumes that don’t pertain to the job description you posted? Get better results by choosing a niche job board that has been developing a rapport with the professionals you wish to reach for years, sometimes even decades.

Niche job boards are still in the mix because candidates trust the jobs on their board, and recruiters see results with their job postings because the opportunities are strategically promoted and filtered.

You can take advantage of a niche job board’s targeting and post only highly specific jobs. Forget those general, boring job descriptions — this is the one place where every potential candidate will understand the acronyms, certifications and skills needed to fill the position.

Also, the right job board will offer the best value to the talent pool you are trying to reach, such as certification, free courses, continuing education and resume review services.

#3: Quality of candidates is superior

A niche job board that offers real value to potential job seekers offers the benefit of traffic from engaged candidates. This is especially important if you are trying to reach passive job seekers.

Articles and stories related to a profession attract a much bigger audience than a simple job list, so look for niche job board partners that provide access to timely and impactful content, such as our Nurse.com blog.

Ask yourself, “What is important to the profession you want to reach? Is it education?” If education is important to your ideal job prospects, look for a niche job board that offers continuing education courses and certification opportunities, such as Nurse.com.

Some niche boards even offer free career advice, resume reviews and specialty content geared to help job seekers excel in their profession.

#4: It is easier to stand out from the crowd

Niche boards offer outstanding branding opportunities such as job alerts, banner advertisements, company culture pages and other upgrades to help promote your job posts. 

Want to really boost your exposure? Ask to sponsor a free education course, webinar or live event to get your name in front of their audience. Higher profile sponsorships reach those valuable, already employed, passive job seekers — get their attention before they start a job search.

Up your game even further by sponsoring clinical or professional content on a partner site to link your brand with pertinent industry information. We offer this option to reach nurses on our Nurse.com website from educational engagement opportunities to sponsored blog posts.

#5: Personal attention

One of the most important assets a niche board has is staff who know your name and answer your calls and questions because they know that people matter. This means no waiting on a chatbot or a phone call-back queue!

Personal attention means you can get assistance posting jobs or choosing upgrades. We are able to suggest what courses or content are available for sponsorship. A niche board will be open to designing a custom package for you, to target only the job seekers you want to reach.

“The big job boards are not exactly the darlings of the recruitment industry these days,” Chris Russell, a recruiting technology and job board consultant with RecTech Media, said in a 2016 article for the Society for Human Resource Management. “Recruiters are balking at their high prices and the many unqualified candidates that they generate.”

Stop sorting through piles of unqualified candidates for your open positions, and try out a niche job board today. You’ll save time and attract higher quality job seekers as a result.