Nursing by the Numbers


Median salary for RNs — up $2,000 from 2022


Nurses who experience weekly or monthly instances of workplace violence


Nurses seeking to change employers in the next two years


Nurses not using their skills to their full potential

How can you benefit from this report?

Whether you’re happy in your current role or seeking other opportunities, this nursing income report is a valuable resource.

  • Compare your salary and benefits with peer data and determine if you’re being compensated fairly.
  • Decide when to negotiate compensation at your current job or a future role.
  • Determine if your career goals should include pursuing more training, a degree, or certification.
  • Identify challenges and shortcomings at your organizations.
  • Spark conversations about workplace issues to help create a safer, healthier work culture.

The 2024 Nurse Salary and Work-Life Report is based on survey responses from 3,600 RNs, APRNs, and LPNs/LVNs across the country. Data was collected between September and October 2023.