Celebrating Excellence: 2024 Nursing Recognition Dates

In recruitment, you see the continuous dedication nurses give to their patients, their colleagues, the organizations, and health care at large. One way to acknowledge and celebrate the countless contributions and sacrifices nurses make each day is through special nursing recognition dates set aside to honor nurses and their specialties.

These nursing recognition days started after physicians chose to focus their practices in specific areas of medicine and surgery. Hospitals and other facilities then began to group patients together into departments and on units to receive specialized care. During this time, nurses took advanced training in these specialties to staff those units.

Soon, those nurses formed professional organizations focused on their areas of expertise. They began to network with one another and share best practices. From this, their careers advanced as they found and used their voices, took seats at the leadership table, and became agents and advocates for change.

Today, nurses are revered through numerous days, weeks, and months. These times of recognition not only commend the profession but give praise to specific nurses for their unique talents and focus areas.

It’s important to share with nurse candidates how your organization recognizes and celebrates nurses. By highlighting the value of meaningful recognition, you can influence job satisfaction and retention within your organization.

To help with your nurse recognition initiatives, include the following dates in your calendar, and distribute them to nurse leaders and others within your organization or facility.

2024 nursing recognition dates by month


National Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) Week — Jan. 21–27

National IV Nurse Day — Jan. 25


Ambulatory Care Nursing Week — Feb. 6–12

PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week — Feb. 5–11

Cardiovascular Professionals Week — Feb. 11–17

Critical Care Transport Nurses Day — Feb. 18


Certified Nurses Day — March 19

GI Nurses & Associates Week — March 17–23


Occupational Health Nursing Week — April 7–13

Radiological and Imaging Nurses Day — April 12

WOC Nurse Week — April 14–20

Transplant Nurses Week — April 22–29


National Critical Care Awareness and Recognition Month

Oncology Nursing Month 

National Nurses Day — May 6

National Student Nurses Day — May 8

National School Nurse Day — May 8 (Celebrated the Wednesday of National Nurses Week)

International Nurses Day — May 12

National Nurses Week — May 6–12 (The ANA also celebrates National Nurses Month throughout May.)

National Skilled Nursing Care Week — May 12–18

Neuroscience Nurses Week — May 12–18


National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day — June 4

Certified Nursing Assistants Week — June 13–19


Health Unit Coordinator Recognition Week — August 23–29


National Clinical Nurse Specialist Recognition Week — Sept. 1–7

Vascular Nurses Week — Sept. 8–14

National Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day — Sept. 8

Nephrology Nurses Week — Sept. 8–14

National Neonatal Nurses Week — Sept. 14–20

National Neonatal Nurses Day — Sept. 15

Nursing Professional Development Week — Sept. 15–21


Pediatric Nurses Week — Oct. 7–13

National Midwifery Week — Oct. 6–12

Emergency Nurses Week — Oct. 6–12

Emergency Nurses Day — Oct. 9

National Case Management Week — Oct. 8–14

Perinatal Nurses Week — Oct. 10–16

International Infection Prevention Week — Oct. 13–19

Sterile Processing Week — Oct. 13–19

Medical Assistants Recognition Week — Oct. 13–19

Medical Assistants Recognition Day — Oct. 16

National Respiratory Care Week — Oct. 20–26

Healthcare Quality Week — Oct. 20–26

International Orthopaedic Nurses Day — Oct. 30

National Orthopaedic Nurses Week — Oct. 28–Nov. 1


National Home Care and Hospice Month

National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

Medical-Surgical Nurses Week — Nov. 1–7

Urology Nurses and Associates Week — Nov. 1–7

Forensic Nurses Week — Nov. 3–9

National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week — Nov. 3–9

National Nurse Practitioner Week — Nov. 10–16

Perioperative Nurses Week — Nov. 10–16

Show nurses they’re valued

When evaluating prospective nurse candidates, it’s crucial to acknowledge their significance as valuable team members. Therefore, make sure to emphasize the specific days, weeks, or months dedicated to celebrating your nursing professionals — and how you do it.

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