9 Free Recruitment Resources To Help You Move Forward

Is self-education part of your New Year’s plan? If so, we can help with our free recruitment resources to help you achieve your career goals.

We cover everything from the opioid epidemic and reducing nursing turnover to why Magnet matters and a special series on recruitment tips and strategies.

Our extensive free recruitment resource library offers consistently updated webinars, white papers, infographics, e-books and more to keep you in the know.

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Webinars and white papers you need to review

Looking for webinars to help you learn? We offer a wide variety of recorded and live healthcare webinars.

Want to look like a research whiz and mover and shaker in the recruitment field? We also create a variety of white papers  to help you present your goals to your leadership team.

Learn about dozens of topics, from collaborative communication to optimizing your preceptor programs. Here’s a short list you might find useful as you plan your recruitment strategies.

  1. How to Thrive Communicating Across Generations – This webinar will help you better understand your colleagues of all ages. Learn about the different communication styles of each generation and how to interact with them more collaboratively. You also can apply this to your nursing staff.

  2. Best Practices to Recruit and Retain Millennial Caregivers – Debunk myths about millennials in the workplace and how to appeal your open jobs to this generation. Discover techniques you can use to retain millennials in your facility.

  3. Recruitment Strategies and Solutions in the Age of Shortage: Part 1 – Get in front of the challenges of recruiting quality applicants by using creative solutions, ideas and tips to recruit quality applicants.

  4. Recruitment: Strategies and Solutions in an Age of Shortage: Part 2 – Discover successful methods for screening, interviewing and making crucial onboarding progress to set the stage for long-term caregiving success.

  5. Optimizing Your Hospital Preceptor Program – This webinar delivers best practices and tips to help you establish, manage and ensure your preceptor program optimally performs for your unique organization.

  6. Tips to Reduce Nurse Turnover. Recruit Better. Retain Longer. – Implement strategies to reduce turnover, such as mentoring new graduates, creating healthier work environments, offering professional development opportunities and hiring for cultural fit.

  7. Tips to Impact Patient Care and Your Organization’s HCAHPS Scores – While HCAHPS has seven areas of measurement, national trends show three specific areas where improvement is needed.

  8. Keys to Reduce Turnover: Develop Employees and Hire Smarter – High nurse turnover doesn’t have to be the norm at your hospital or health system. Learn how much it costs to replace a nurse and how to boost your retention efforts.

  9. Interprofessional Education in Healthcare – Learn how to improve patient care, while also increasing efficiencies to help reduce costs at your facility or healthcare system.

Check our free recruitment resources regularly to stay up-to-date

These are just a handful of examples of the free recruitment resources we regularly offer you. Come back periodically to find out about the latest topics and upcoming live webinars.

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